Friend (5th Grade)


Reading Journal Monthly Pages (only needed if Pathfinder loses their booklet)

The following requirements will need to be completed by the Pathfinder at home; all other requirements should be completed during class time on Tuesdays.
Link to download the Friend Classwork Homework in PDF 

BASIC Class Requirements

Personal Growth

III. Growth
___ A. Read one book each from the following categories: Guide’s Greatest Stories, Mission, New Testament Biblical novel  (available for checkout from the Calimesa Pathfinder “Library”)
___ B. Read or listen to the book of Matthew
___ C. Monthly Bible reading and journal (links listed above)

Spiritual Discovery

I. Scripture
___ A. Memorize Bible texts, one per month (included in journal page)
___ B. Recite in order the names of the New Testament Books of the Bible and know the four areas into which the books are grouped

Serving Others

II. Community Outreach
___ A. Participate for 4 hours in outreach activities for your community (if not done at Pathfinder events)

Health & Fitness

III. First Aid/Safety
___ A. Red Alert Honor Requirement #4:
a. Draw an escape route for your family in case of fire in your home when your normal exits are blocked.
b. Practice with your family a home fire drill.

ADVANCED Class Requirements
(Trail Friend)

Serving Others

I. One on One
___ A. Become acquainted with a new person and make at least 3 additional contacts with them.

II. Outreach
___ A. Bring someone who does not attend your church or Pathfinder club to a church program or activity, such as Sabbath School or VBS.

Health & Fitness

I. Fitness/Exercise
___ A. Participate in a lifestyle fitness program for your age or complete one of the fitness tests for your age.
___ B. Complete the Beginners Swimming honor. (There will be a checkoff time provided for this honor, but swimming lessons may be necessary to pass the checkoff)