Master Guide (staff)

The Master Guide Curriculum is designed for youth and adults meeting the course requirements and involved in youth ministry.  The emphasis is on in-service training and active involvement in learning new skills and developing methods for successful leadership in youth ministry. This curriculum prepares the participant for leadership roles with the Adventurer program, Pathfinder program, and youth/young adult.

Pathfinders and staff working to complete Master Guide must do so under the supervision of an invested Master Guide. As requirements are completed, the invested Master Guide will sign them off.  Participants are required to complete this course within three years of commencement date.

1. Prerequisites

a)  Be at least 16 years of age.
b)  Be a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
c)  Complete a Basic Staff Training Course in one of the following:
i)   Adventurer Ministries
ii)  Pathfinder Ministries
iii)  Youth Ministries

2.  Spiritual Development

a)  Read the book Steps to Christ (This can be done either by reading or listening to it)
b)  Complete the devotional guide Encounter Series I, Christ the Way.
c)   Keep a devotional journal for at least four weeks, summarizing what you read each day.
d)   Demonstrate your knowledge of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs by completing one of the following:
i)  Write a paper explaining each belief
ii)  Give an oral presentation on each belief
iii) Give a series of Bible studies covering each belief
iv)  Conduct a seminar teaching each belief
e)  Enhance your knowledge of church heritage by completing the following:
(Note: Completing the Adventist Church Heritage Award completes all the requirements)
i)   Reading The Pathfinder Story
ii)  Earning the Adventist Church Heritage Award
iii)  Reading a book on some aspect of church heritage, such as:
a.   Anticipating the Advent, by George R. Knight (a brief history of Seventh-day Adventists)
b.  Tell It to the World, by Mervyn Maxwell (the story of the Seventh-day Adventists)
c.   Light Bearers to the Remnant (denominational history college textbook)

3.  Skills Development

a)   Attend and complete a two-hour seminar in each of the following areas:
i)    Leadership skills
ii)   Communication skills
iii)   Creativity and resource development
iv)   Child and youth evangelism
b)    Have or earn the following honors:
c)   Earn two additional honors of your choice not previously earned
d)   Hold a current Red Cross First Aid and Safety certificate or its equivalent (American Heart Association)
e)   Supervise participants through either an Adventurer Class or Pathfinder Class curriculum or teach a Sabbath School class for at least on quarter.

4.  Child Development

a)  Read the book Education (This can be done by either reading or listening to it)
b)  Read at least one additional book on child development or attend a three-hour seminar dealing with child development within the age group of your chosen ministry.

5.  Leadership Development

a)   Read a current book of your choice of topic under the general category of Leadership Skill Development.
b)   Develop your leadership skills by doing the following:
i)   Develop and conduct three worships
ii)   Participate in a leadership role with your local church children’s/youth group in a conference sponsored event.
iii)   Teach three Adventurer Awards or two Pathfinder Honors
iv)   Assist in planning and leading a field trip for a group of Adventurers, Pathfinders or Sabbath School class.
v)   Be an active Adventurer, Pathfinder, Youth Club, Sabbath School or AY Society staff member for at least one year and attend at least 75% of all staff meetings.
c)   Identify three current roles in your life, at least one of which is spiritually orientated, and list three goals or objectives for each.

6.  Fitness Life-style Development

a)  Participate in a personal physical fitness plan for a minimum of three months, and evaluate any level of improvement of physical condition.