Conference Fair (May)

What is it?

The annual conference-sponsored Pathfinder Fair is the biggest and busiest event of the Pathfinder year. The Fair is primarily a time for parents and friends to see what the Pathfinders have done throughout the year. The day begins with a parade of all Pathfinders marching the streets of La Sierra. There are different events taking place throughout the day: demonstrations, participation, food booths and many other exciting activities as the day progresses. Calimesa has a participation booth that provides hands-on experience with an honor we earned this year, as well as our famous home-made lemonade booth.

Who’s invited?

Calimesa Pathfinders and their families and friends. Church members are also invited to participate in the fun and delicious food!

When and where?

Pathfinder Fair is held on the third Sunday in May at the Southeastern California Conference office in La Sierra. The Parade starts at 9:00 am, but Pathfinders need to be in place by 8:30. Closing ceremonies are at 1:45 pm.

The club does not provide transportation, as this is considered a family event. If individual Pathfinders need a ride, they will need to let the Director know so we can plan for that.


Pathfinder Fair Pictures